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Pappers Politique offers centralized access to all French and European institutional activity in open data. This enables customers to consult legal texts, amendments and questions to the government, and to set up monitoring functions to obtain targeted, up-to-date information.

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The platform, combining ease of use, security and innovation, has become an invaluable tool for our developers.

Simplicity and efficiency

Pappers Politique’ s use of Clever Cloud has marked a marked improvement in application deployment and management for our team. Thanks to its intuitive plug-and-play approach, we’ve simplified our deployment processes, automating them and making them both more accessible and straightforward. The ability to work with different technologies without worrying about complex installations is a welcome benefit. For example, starting up a MongoDB instance has become a simple process, without the need for local installation.

Furthermore, the integration of deployments via GitHub has proved to be particularly practical, ensuring that applications are constantly updated in an automated way, provided that updates are made on the appropriate branch. This feature is crucial for ensuring consistency between our development and production environments.

The level of security we needed

When it comes to security, Clever Cloud’s regular updates give us peace of mind. The automatic management of backups with Elastic Search and Cellar object storage accentuate this serenity within Pappers Politique.

One of the points we’d like to emphasize is the digital sovereignty offered by the Clever Cloud solution. As the servers are in France, and operated by a French company, they ensure that we are protected against extraterritorial legislation such as the Cloud Act. This is vital to protect our customers’ data.

Responses and ongoing improvements

In the past, we have encountered a number of challenges, notably in the recovery of front-end logs. Clever Cloud has been able to react quickly by developing new solutions for optimized log management. There have been a few availability incidents in the past year, but Clever Cloud’s migration to a new datacenter has considerably boosted the reliability of their service.

In conclusion, Clever Cloud has become an essential part of Pappers Politique’s infrastructure, freeing up our teams’ time and enabling them to concentrate on their core business. The platform, combining ease of use, security and innovation, has become a valuable tool for our developers.

The technical stack

They use

Cellar Object Storage

Clever Cloud Cellar: An object storage service that is performant, economic and easy to use.

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Deploy fully managed Elasticsearch databases with monitoring, backups and migration tools.

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Deploy fully managed MongoDB databases with monitoring, backups and migration tools.

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