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Clever Cloud announces the appointment of Jean-Baptiste Piacentino as Cloud Diplomat

Nantes, September 18, 2023 - Clever Cloud, a French creator of solutions for deploying and…


How does Matomo work on Clever Cloud ?

In a previous post, we explained why you should switch from Google Analytics to Matomo for your audience measurement.

A metric tile to simplify application monitoring

The Clever Cloud Console now includes a metric tile showing vCPU and memory usage of your application for the last 24 hours.

The Clever Cloud Console continues its makeover

We improved the consistency of the Console's elements, with an important concern for both user experience and accessibility.

What’s Clever in our cloud ?

Clever Cloud was born out of a conviction: we needed to reinvent hosting practices, adding true isolation and ease.
clever cloud new invoices

Rethinking invoices to empower your accountant

Earlier this week, we released some changes in how we present our invoices. The result: invoices that help you understand what you pay and what to expect next time.

Using JAAS in the Cloud Era

In this article, we will learn how to configure JAAS authentication in a JVM application…


Cellar v2: even more S3 compatibility

In November 2018, we released the Cellar C2 cluster. Every new cellar account since then…


Announcing New PHP Versions

So, we have been a bit late when it came to supporting PHP 5.6. But…


How to Redirect to HTTPS With Play 2.4

To protect your web app or API, there is almost only one way at this…


Rails 4 apps backed by Sidekiq + Clever Cloud.

At Clever Cloud, we want developers to be happy. To achieve that we try to…


Introducing io.js VS Node.js – Press Start

Change is happening in the Node landscape.
A group of rebels forked the main Node project,…


Set up your SBT for personal proxy use

This post will cover the new Clever Cloud Artifactory instance we deployed two weeks ago,…