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Falling for Rust

If you ever talked to me, or looked at my Twitter feed, you may have…


Rust packaging on Exherbo

At Clever Cloud, we love giving new technologies a try. Since its inception, rust


Intro to Clever Cloud-Driven Development

In ancient times, developers weren't able to be just developers. They had to be experts…


null is not the issue

Nowadays, we know that null is to be avoided. It's been dubbed the billion dollar…


Let your logs help you

We use logs for everything, to track errors, measure performance, keep a journal of how…


Speeding the Console Up With the Service Worker API

You may have noticed major updates on the Clever Cloud Console these last weeks. Along…


How to Redirect to HTTPS With Play 2.4

To protect your web app or API, there is almost only one way at this…


nom 1.0 is here! REJOICE!

nom is a parser combinators library witten in Rust that I started about a…


How Facebook Infer Can Make your Software Safer

At Clever Cloud, we like giving a try to new technologies when they're released, especially…


How We Cut Latency Down by 30k% on Our Git Server

At Clever Cloud, git is core in the deployment process. With the years, our needs…

why autoincrement is a bad idea for your primary keys

Why Auto Increment Is A Terrible Idea

As big users of PostgreSQL, we had the opportunity of re-thinking the idioms common in…


Rails 4 apps backed by Sidekiq + Clever Cloud.

At Clever Cloud, we want developers to be happy. To achieve that we try to…


Meteor JS on Clever Cloud

Lately, a lot of developpers asked us about Meteorjs support on Clever Cloud. This is…


Building an extensible HTTP client for GitHub in Java

At Clever Cloud, we use a lot of Java. A large part of our API…


How I learned Scala in one month

Hi, I’m Leonard. I have been an intern developer at Clever Cloud for one month…


Set up your SBT for personal proxy use

This post will cover the new Clever Cloud Artifactory instance we deployed two weeks ago,…


The PostgreSQL JDBC Driver is now PgBouncer compliant

Three years ago a discussion was launched on the Pgbouncer mailing-list [1] about the JDBC…


Kickstart your scala API client by turning JSON into case classes.

Why code generation?

When interacting with 3rd party json-based APIs from scala, modelling the API's…


Knowing your system – Part 8 – On the road to upstream

How did I start contributing?

When I started to really dig into my system to…


Knowing your system – Part 7 – Contributing to Exherboe

The exherbo contribution mechanism

Basically everything regarding exherbo is discussed and managed via the…