Introducing the North America Region

We are finally landing in America! As most of our customers are outside of Europe, our hosting service has made its way to a new continent. Same service, same price, same dashboard and now a regional choice on top.

Our team has been working on this development for a long time. We wanted to improve the user experience for American users, and we are very excited that everything is working out today, just as we wanted.

Why Canada?

We have selected a great partner, Netelligent, to ensure high quality and high availability of your applications. Users throughout Canada, US and Latin America will benefit from an enhanced connectivity and enjoy a better experience of PaaS with Clever Cloud.

Here at Clever Cloud, we care about your data privacy. Our European data-centers suit our security standards and that’s why we chose to partner up with Netelligent in Quebec, Canada.

Simple and Easy Migration

Migrating existing apps to a new location is quite simple. To switch from a location to another, you simply have to change the Zone field in the Information tab of your apps:

Once you're done, if you're using a domain name, everything is automatic, otherwise you will have to update your DNS settings to go directly to Montreal without going through Paris.

Note that this quick migration isn't currently supported for php applications, or for applications using File-System buckets.

Deploying on both continents

For reasons of clarity, we ask you to choose one zone per app. So you need to create two Clever Cloud applications.

Running the same code base on both regions is pretty straightforward:

  • Create a second app in the new region via the dashboard
  • Get the new git push URL and add it to your git config via the following command line:
# Assuming you added a "clever" remote as described in the documentation like this:
# git remote add clever git+ssh://

# Set your first specific push URL for Paris on the "clever" remote
$ git remote set-url --push clever git+ssh://

# Set your second specific  push URL for montreal on the "clever" remote
$ git remote set-url --add --push clever git+ssh://

Then your project config file located in .git/config should contain something like this:

[remote "clever"]
  url = git+ssh://
  pushUrl = git+ssh://
  pushUrl = git+ssh://

Note that, due to git internal behaviour, you explicitely need to re-add the first remote url (the Paris one) as a pushUrl too, otherwise it would only push to Montreal.

Now, one push will deploy your code both in Paris and Montreal.

Security and Patriot Act

We care about our customers privacy. We have selected this location because it is Patriot Act-free, and Canada has IP laws to protect your data. Privacy is a strong part of our core values at Clever Cloud.


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