Last week, the well-known PaaS Nodejitsu announced its acquisition by GoDaddy. At Clever Cloud, we wanted to give kudos to both GoDaddy and Nodejistu for this new adventure. Congrats all!

With this acquisition, a lot of things are about to change for nodejitsu users: seven months from now, the Nodejitsu PaaS will be shut down. In the meantime, Nodejitsu is vetting other solutions for their existing customers, while still providing support and ressources during this transition.

As Node.js is one of the most popular runtimes on Clever Cloud, we decided to contact Nodejitsu in order to provide a great transition experience. We are currently working on it, and will keep you posted as soon as possible.

I am an existing Nodejitsu customer, how to proceed?

If you want to give Clever Cloud a whirl for free now, here's some key resources :

So far, Clever Cloud have many Nodejitsu features, and more:

  • Zero Downtime Deployments
  • Build cache for instant re-deployments
  • HTTP/HTTPS Routing
  • Custom Domain Names
  • Application SSL
  • Sticky Sessions
  • Application Clustering
  • Environment variables
  • European and American regions

Let's Get Started

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