Customer Testimonial – Alexandre Leglise & Mathieu Gobert – INTIA

This week, Alexandre Leglise, CCO & Mathieu Gobert CEO & CTO @ INTIA tell us about their company INTIA and their experience using Clever Cloud.

INTIA helps small companies to save time with integrated quotation-invoice solutions and focus on what really matters instead.

Can you introduce INTIA?

Many small businesses are struggling with day to day administrative management: customer relationship, invoicing, billing and so forth. It too often leads up to managerial difficulties and even sometimes closure. At INTIA, we believe that all companies should enjoy and make the digital shift with ease. And that is why we aim to build advanced digital solutions for small companies and their partners.

Small companies do save time with integrated quotation-invoice solutions and are therefore able to develop further by focusing on what really matters instead.

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Today more than 1,000 companies are using the INTIA business management solution with the possibility of sharing data online with their accounting firm. Its user experience is characterised by simplicity and efficiency, online as well as offline.

We are 3 in the team: Mathieu Gobert CEO & CTO, Alexandre Léglise CCO & Laétitia Faudot CSO.

How did you come up with the idea?

Actually, one of Mathieu’s friend asked me to find a quotation-invoice solution which fit to his requirements: simple, mobile and multi-users. As Mathieu didn’t find any suitable solution on the market, he decided to built it!

What do your users love about your product?

Our users love the simplicity: no installation, no training, no settings. They can start to work with INTIA immediately. On top of that, we offer the same user experience with our without Internet. Users sometimes do not notice it but they are really happy to access to their quotation-invoice web app whenever they want.

What is your major difficulty at the moment?

Until now we are a small team of 3 and the solution relies therefore on few people. Fortunately we plan to hire 2 additional teammates this year.

What is the coming future of INTIA?

As a startup it is difficult to know where we will be in 5 years. Obviously we want to go as far as possible.

We are permanently in touch with our users and for the coming future, we really want to deliver the highest proposition value to allow our customers to enjoy invoicing. And that’s a very exciting challenge! To do that we will offer new features as payment facilities and electronic signature.

What do you like most on Clever Cloud?

Without Clever Cloud I think we couldn’t sleep

Quentin’s beard and GIFs! Seriously, without Clever Cloud I think we couldn’t sleep. Today, if there is any problem, the server is automatically restarted in 47s. Awesome 🙂 On top of that, support is reactive and downtime very low.

What feature are you expecting the most?

More monitoring on your server and DB to know when we need increase scalability & Elasticsearch support!

How would you pitch Clever Cloud to a non-technical person?

If you want to totally forget hardware layer and focus on what your customers do with your app, use Clever Cloud.

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