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Damien Cavaillès, Founder of

Hosting in France, performance, customer service: discover why Damien Cavaillès, founder of chose Clever Cloud.
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handling traffic surge, lessons from Aragorn

Managing site traffic for a TV show, but in 24 hours

You're having a traffic spike on your website? Learn how to migrate to Clever Cloud within 24 hours.
banner vite ma dose

Clever Cloud Welcomes ViteMaDose!

We are delighted to be able to help the Vite Ma Dose teams today by providing the necessary resources to enable the service to function properly. As much as the frontend is quite simple, the backend is a different story.

Powered by Clever Cloud – Secret Santa by JoliCode

Christmas is next week and you probably heard about the “Secret Santa” tradition. Loïck Piera,…


How Shopopop manages activity spike with Clever Cloud

Meeting with Antoine Cheul, Shopopop Co-Founder and CEO. Created in 2015 with the idea…

30k+ icons on Clever (and counting…)

Entrepreneur for a long time; Clément Sauvage (@clementsauvage) set up his first company when…

Ubilab: Connecting the laboratory world to the outside

More than ever, we realize that our world is late in some ways. Technology can…


Folhomee: 130K users in just 3 years!

Once upon a time, two founders encountered a problem, and they solve it. Clément &…


Energic ambitious mission: Change people’s behavior

The idea comes from Alexis Delepoulle, one of the founders of Energic. He…


Clever Cloud identity, reloaded

Early this year, we felt a deep need for visual changes in our brand, reflecting…

Customer Testimonial – Guillaume Chollier from Utocat

Blockchain technology is a much discussed subject these days, but when you ask someone what…
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Customer Testimonial – Sylvain Fabre – AssoConnect

This week, Sylvain Fabre, CTO @ AssoConnect, tells us about the startup and his experience…
Company Testimonial

Customer Testimonial – Ivan Zindovic – DAN Paris – TBWA Worldwide

This week, Ivan Zindovic, Agency Manager @ DAN Paris (TBWA Worldwide), tells us about his…
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Customer Testimonial – Victor Lambert & Florian Jardin – Filengo

This week, Victor Lambert & Florian Jardin, CTO & CEO @ Filengo, tell us about…
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Customer Testimonial – Alexandre Leglise & Mathieu Gobert – INTIA

This week, Alexandre Leglise, CCO & Mathieu Gobert CEO & CTO @ INTIA tell us…
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Customer Testimonial – Sébastien – Fiscalité & Territoire

This week, Sébastien CTO @ Fiscalité & Territoire tells us about the challenges the company…
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Customer Testimonial – Philippe Sultan – Ottspott

This week, Philippe Sultan, CTO @ Apidaze, editor of Ottspott, tells us about his experience…
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Customer Testimonial – Nicolas Leroux – Lunatech

This week, Nicolas Leroux, CEO & Owner @ Lunatech, tells us his journey using Clever…
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Customer Testimonial – François Guillaume – iAdvize & Redsmin

This week, François-Guillaume, architect & lead dev @ iAdvize, tells us his journey using Clever…
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Customer Testimonial – Grégoire Fournel – Factomos

Grégoire Fournel, CTO @ Factomos, pitches his startup and tells about his customer experience with…
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