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Christmas is next week and you probably heard about the “Secret Santa” tradition. Loïck Piera, Web Consultant at JoliCode, developed an app called Secret Santa to help you organise yours with your colleagues, friends or family. Secret Santa has been hosted by Clever Cloud since 2018.

What is a Secret Santa?

In a word, Secret Santa is a Christmas tradition where each person of the group is randomly assigned someone to offer a gift to, and nobody knows the author of the gift they will receive until the D-day.

How does the app work?

It allows you to simplify the organization of your Secret Santa. In other words, it automates the assignment of a person to whom to offer a gift for each participant. Of course, to simplify its use, you can connect the app to Slack or Discord and now a beta version for Zoom is also available.

Slack message from the Secret Santa Bot

How to install Secret Santa?

  • At first, go to their website, then choose the application to which you want to connect Secret Santa.
Applications compatible with Secret Santa
  • Next, select the group members you would like to add to the participants. In addition, you can also set-up a personalized message to send to each participant.
Selecting the participants
  • Then, you’re all done, the app shuffles and assign each participant to another one and sends the message you previously set-up. Finally, all you need to do now is to buy the gift for the person you have been assigned to! 

Why did Secret Santa choose Clever Cloud?

We asked Loïck Piera, the Web Consultant at JoliCode which developed the app, what he thinks about the solution we provide. This is what he replied:

Clever Cloud : “What are the main assets that made you choose to be hosted by Clever Cloud?”

Loïck Piera : “Well, it’s a solid platform which operates without having to overthink it and with no need of maintenance from our side. It’s simple and fast to deploy in production, and there is no service interruption, which is crucial. Secret Santa is a Symfony application with PHP 8 and the Clever Cloud infrastructure fits our needs perfectly.”

Clever Cloud : “What do you appreciate the most in our solution?”

Loïck Piera : “What we appreciate the most in this hosting solution, is the simplicity of use. We only have to indicate the webroot directory, and that’s all, the version of PHP and the Composer dependencies are detected automatically! Furthermore, there is also an interesting list of addons. Clever Cloud is a platform really adapted to most web projects.

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