Clever Cloud identity, reloaded

Early this year, we felt a deep need for visual changes in our brand, reflecting on what all our core team went through these past two years, opening space for building up and growing as a team from there, and aligning better with a wider range of services.

It was also time for something easier, faster to use, everywhere (you know, those pesky small and square areas). We just started our rebranding, digging deeper into our identity and what you and us together do. First step: a brand new logo.

We are in the cloud still, also on-premise for heavy corporate needs; we keep doing greater, clever and new things, with you, your code, your apps and your databases. We haz New Logo, among many other things; be prepared for seeing it everywhere.

The first iteration of sketches.

We were first introduced to Jord Riekwel by Clément Sauvage. Check his dribble out: we did, got impressed, then started a deep iteration process with him. Your patience and sharp attention to details deserve some shout-outs here, Jord!

The first common ground was quickly established around our shared will “to steer away from cloud-related symbols, as there are plenty out there” now. Being “a cloud” is not the unique thing characterizing Clever Cloud anymore: we deliver way more than raw computing material, which is what cloud services from the big ones has become. All our services can also run on (your) premise(s), and are running daily in 35 countries, where we offer uptime and application sustainability. We started out from a single, cloud-based product giving back joy to devs about deploying apps on the web. We’re adding up to what is now a full platform for IT-automation, PaaS & DBaaS, baby (Platform- and DataBase-as-a-Service)!

The third iteration of sketches.

From early C-shaped logos to the ruby/hexagon shape we finally refined together, we do hope that our “Easy-to-Use-as-a-Service platform powered by many technical facets” now stands out better. We hope it will intrigue you enough to get to know us better.

We think this new image will better accompany us into our new range of products and services, and state that we keep growing: Monthly-Recurring-Revenue-wise as we always had, AND also adding talented people to the team on a faster pace than ever.

You tell us if it works! If it does, let’s quickly summarize our mission and our services, while we’re at it (you came here to do biz, right?).

Clever Cloud: mission statement

We’re a Europe-based PaaS company, and we intend to stay one. We help developers deploy and run their apps with bulletproof infrastructure, automatic scaling, fair pricing and other cool features. We deliver an easy-to-use service, without any vendor lock-in and able to grow with your needs.

Clever Cloud: our services

We provide runtime on various languages such as Ruby, Java, Python, PHP and so on.. We’re also providing managed services, like PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, ElasticSearch and other tools like CI and object storage.

Check out our brand assets for all the variations.

Fun fact: about stickers

We managed to very rarely print our old logo on our world famous stickers. I guess we can thus assume we respected that vanilla logo of ours in a way the RATP rabbit and Austin Powers would have badly loved to be treated. Send your weirdest design requests to, and let’s soon deliver some dev love through laptop swag, in a great meetup near you.

Many warm thanks to Kaya Thommy for all the (silly) things we did during the past 8 years with the vanilla, previous (still feels a bit weird to write this) Clever Cloud logo she designed for us back in the days. It served us pretty well! <3

The old logo made by Kaya Thommy in 2009.
// tl;dr
$ git mv logo_v1 new_logo_finalfinal (WAIT WHAT?)
$ git commit -m "We haz New Clever Cloud Logo (and more)"


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