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We are delighted to be able to help the Vite Ma Dose teams today by providing the necessary resources to enable the service to function properly. As much as the frontend is quite simple, the backend is a different story.

The year 2021 was marked by the arrival of the covid 19 vaccine. A hope for many, announcing the end of this pandemic that will have marked the beginning of our century. Haha. Well, actually, no. Indeed, on the eve of the year 2022, we discover the fascinating capacity of the variant named Omicron to spread. Vaccination campaigns then resume, to inoculate the so-called “booster” doses to stem this new wave of contamination.

Hey, we’d like to help

At Clever Cloud we are trying to act – in our own way – in the face of the situation. As was the case previously with Makair (the respirator co-designed by our CEO Quentin Adam), for example. And, at the beginning of the school year 2021, we came across the Covidtracker teams almost by chance. They were in the middle of working on Vite Ma Dose. This was an opportunity to discuss their needs. And since the beginning of the fall 2021, we have been providing instances for the algorithms of the Vite Ma Dose. To goal is to detect vaccination appointments.

With the ViteMaDose volunteer team, we are investing our time to serve a vaccination campaign that we believe is essential for our fellow citizens. Fortunately, we are not the only ones: several French public services and companies have also lent a hand to the product by contributing the know-how of their teams or access to their technology. This is the case of CleverCloud, which has generously offered to help us by hosting the core of the product: the algorithm for finding vaccination slots for covid-19.

Florent Jaby

A short story of migration

We are delighted to be able to help the Vite Ma Dose teams today. We provide the necessary resources to enable the service to function properly. As much as the frontend is quite simple, the backend, which aggregates appointments from a small number of different platforms, is a different story.

Clever Cloud offered us hosting specific to our needs and our architecture thanks to its managed Gitlab Runner offer. We were able to entrust them with all of the operational complexity of the platform, which otherwise required our constant attention, not always possible in a voluntary capacity. This also frees up our time for other matters such as the progress of the 3rd dose of vaccination or the vaccination of the youngest children, which are changing daily. In fact, the migration to the Clever Cloud runner was completed in a weekend, painlessly and perfectly as planned.

Florent Jaby

Today, the service is running like clockwork. We congratulate the Covidtracker and Vite Ma Dose teams for their efforts.

To find your 3rd shot :


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