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Hosting in France, performance, customer service: discover why Damien Cavaillès, founder of WeLoveDevs.com chose Clever Cloud.

We went to meet Damien Cavaillès, founder of WeLoveDevs.com, to talk about the strategic and technical challenges of his solution. Our approach is to better understand the specificities of our clients’ businesses and how our solutions fit into their activities.

A growing solution for devs

Developers and recruiters who use WeLoveDevs.com appreciate above all being in the best conditions to meet. Each party feels valued, listened to and considered. And this leads to a number of specific features in the software product. For example, the solution is deployed several times a day, so that it can evolve with the use of the developers.

Today, WeLoveDevs is a recognised media and job site, visited by more than 90K techs who think about their careers every month. Their main challenge today is to offer them even more job offers by meeting and registering new companies one by one.

Data hosting in France and performance

To meet the needs of their clients, WeLoveDevs needs to have servers in France, and good performance, and they were not satisfied with the containerized PaaS offers, proposed by Heroku for example.

Being in France is crucial because we keep the personal data of many developers who are very demanding and they deserve it. And for performance, it’s also important for SEO.

Damien Cavaillès, founder of WeLoveDevs.com

0% admin sys, 100% agility

Not wanting to be burdened with system administration, Damien has always used PaaS services. In the same logic, WeLoveDevs has therefore mainly adopted SaaS or serverless tools.

“We don’t want to get up at night to do SSH and connect to a machine.
If it works on your machine, it works a few minutes later on the PaaS.”

Damien Cavaillès, founder of WeLoveDevs.com

His challenge is to keep a small tech team, as agile as possible. The objective: to be able to put a feature into production within a day, after talking to a client, and therefore to keep this proximity with their clients. As a result, a solution that allows them to do without backend devs or ops suits them very well.

Why did you choose Clever Cloud?


Damien: “CleverCloud is the only player that meets our performance requirements and allows us to deploy continuously via Git. Also we didn’t need to make any special efforts to adopt the platform, our NPM build was working from day one. I think we come for the deployment, but we stay for the quality of the customer service. It is technically competent, human and accessible.”

“At Clever we know better what we’re going to have as a machine in front of us and we’re on bare-metal: an application that is on Heroku, will necessarily go twice as fast on Clever.”

Damien Cavaillès, founder of WeLoveDevs.com

How did the migration go?

Damien: “GIT PUSH… That’s it! We stacked things up one by one afterwards. The biggest change was adding Cloudflare and it really changed the performance of our Node server and our WordPress.”

Why use Clever Cloud?

Damien: “If you are already on another PaaS, your application will surely be faster by migrating it to Clever. And if you already have a build/deployment that is continuous and automated, you will have no effort to migrate. It costs nothing to try!”

If you too would like to test our solutions, create your Clever Cloud account or log in with your Github account here and get 20€ of free credits.


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