Energic ambitious mission: Change people’s behavior

The idea comes from Alexis Delepoulle, one of the founders of Energic. He was the CEO of a company in energies (specialized electric meters installation), and customers were unable to pay their electricity bill. The initial objective of the app was to reduce user energy consumption to allow consumers to spend less.

He met Quentin Oustelandt, a student passionate about this subject, and they launched with Tristan Reneaume Energic. Their genesis: buildings technical efficiency must be paired with the evolution of usages to create the best environmental impact possible.

Since 2019, Energic has evolved to raise awareness among its users to all environmental concerns (energy at first, and then mobility, food, waste, digital usage, lighting, water…) with clients like Orange, Cofidis, Crédit Agricole

A team of 11 people — 140 000 sensitized individuals — 1M objective sensibilisation for 2021

An app full of tools

To make behaviour evolution easier in companies and schools, Energic has developed a digital challenge built around the main environmental stakes. Energic core business is eco-responsibility. Thanks to a mobile app, they create a community within the company: the app allows them to exchange, set goals, monitor the progress, and their efforts.

A facilitator supports each community to give them advice, animate the use, and follow their consumption.

“All of our team at Energic have the spirit to change things. Everyone feels concerned about ecology; we are glad to work for a company whose match with our convictions.”

Meeting with Jonathan Lecointe, CTO at Energic, in the company since the beginning

Initially, at Energic for his Bachelor Internship, Jonathan was one of the two first dev in the company. He continues his way with work-linked training to finish his studies. At the same time, as the Energic tech team was growing, he became the CTO naturally thanks to his expertise on the project.

“I’m not a partisan of a steering policy. My purpose is to make sure that the dev team has all the fundamentals in place to do their jobs in good conditions and goes in the right direction.”

The willingness to protect data in France and a need to be scalable in the technology

Their first server was auto-hosted on OVH, but no one in the team was a system administrator. They met then the need to find another way to handle security and monitoring. They were looking for a solution in compliance with their ethic: Data protection is a real matter for Energic; it was not practicable to store the data in the US.

“We were looking for a local solution, and Damien Cavailles from WeLoveDevs recommended Clever Cloud to us. The first thing we liked about Clever Cloud was the possibility of horizontal and vertical scalability.”

So Jonathan, more than three years since your first use of our solution, how Clever Cloud impact Energic way of work?

The beginning was straightforward. I’m a back-end developer; I just had to create a remote, push my code to it, and it was settled. We had a few hiccups because Scala support can be complicated sometimes. However, Clever Cloud’s support is still there when we have a problem; everything is transparent. Overall, the price for the service is genuinely fair. And the support team is friendly, available, even educator.

This year, our main challenge is to ramp up our commercial level. We launched a version 2.0 last May, and as of now, our product is improved and ready. We still need to work on our architecture to be scalable. It’s essential for us to feel safe about scaling: we sometimes have a prominent peak of activity, and Clever Cloud servers can adapt. My function is not to handle security, maintenance, or monitoring. I’m peaceful to let it in Clever Cloud specialists’ hands. Clever Cloud speed of deployment is truly comfortable. For the fun fact, earlier this day, one of my front-end collaborators needed a feature back: it took me like just 30 seconds to do it!

How would you explain Clever Cloud in a few words?

Clever Cloud is a great solution to host servers easily, the configuration is remarkably fast, the support is excellent, and mostly, it’s a French company.

Thank you Jonathan for your time!

More information on Energic.io


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