BSO & Clever Cloud: Announcing New-York Zone

One more Data Center on the way!

Good news everyone, a new Clever Cloud zone is opening in the USA! BSO Network is now a Clever Cloud on-premises customer. And has such allows us to become one of their resellers and bring you this new New-york based zone which will be available mid-march 2020.

If you are not familiar with Clever Cloud, we made a Platform as a Service available on public or private cloud and on-premises. You write code and we run it, no YAML involved, just a git push away from production. From there you get native support for most languages, Let's Encrypt integration, automatic scaling, monitoring, log collection, blue/green deployment, basically everything you need for production. And did I mention we are the one on call, not you 🙂

As it works on premises it can be installed anywhere. And this time it’s installed on BSO Network datacenter in new york.

Which Infrastructure does it use?

This infrastructure is within the Equinix NY4 Data Center, built with 2013 PCI-DSS and ISO 27001 certified. There are more than 500 customers doing business within this 103,630 square meters facility, which houses infrastructure for major financial exchanges.

Equinix NY4 Datacenter
Equinix NY4 Datacenter

The infrastructure is accessible through X POPS in North America, 10 DC in New Jersey and NYC area. The cloud Platform provides high availability with high-performance SLAs and is build for scale. BSO and Clever cloud also plan a West Region extension in order to add compute and geographic resiliency.

Cloud Act vs. GDPR

Our worldwide, global industry is more and more regulated and several countries came up with new laws. In our case, we need to talk about the American Cloud Act and the European GDPR. Clever Cloud being a European company, we are de facto GDPR compliant. And as the GDPR is a contaminative law we need to apply GDPR to all our customers, even non-European ones, which means we are de facto, not Cloud Act compliant

But fear not, Clever Cloud is first and foremost a Software Vendor and as such can be resold by a Cloud act compliant company like our partner BSO Network.

The way we've engineered this partnership will allow you to use Clever Cloud in the US without issues. Here's why. A communication or cloud provider may fall under the cloud act if:

  • HQ of the company is in the US
  • One of the branches is in the US
  • A service offer is in the US for as long as the organization exists

As none of the above is true for our company, Clever Cloud won't fall under the Cloud Act law. BSO Network is operating the data center and rely on our software to manage the NYC zone with our on-premises platform. This way allows the US zone to have the full set of Clever Cloud functionalities, with multi-zones deployment made possible.

Customers using the NYC zone will be customers of BSO Network (buying them infrastructure and access cost to Clever Cloud Platform, the software) resell by Clever Cloud (here it’s more acting as a marketplace), and we will make Terms and Conditions changes in the next days to reflect that. From a practical standpoint, it will be transparent for our users. This also means that everything hosted on the NYC zone is compliant to the cloud act and not to the GDPR nor protected by the GDPR.

Can I use it?

If you are interested in the NY zone, please fill out the form below to get in touch! We will come back to you with the exact date and pricing for all our services.

To get your invite to the NYC zone, please fill this form:

Companies we are talking about

BSO is the award-winning Ethernet network, cloud and hosting provider of choice building superior infrastructure and connectivity to the world’s most dynamic marketplaces. With the recent acquisition of IX Reach, BSO increase his footprint and SDN Cloud to Cloud capabilities, becoming The world’s largest privately-owned telecom company by PoP count. Coupled with our Extensive expertise in Devops NetOPs, we provide our client on end to end service with SDN direct interconnection to all major cloud providers, remote peering at key Internet Exchanges, high-speed point-to-point/multipoint ethernet private line, metro DWDM, IP BGP transit and colocation.

Clever Cloud is a Europe-based PaaS company. They help developers deploy and run their apps with bulletproof infrastructure, automatic scaling, fair pricing, and other cool features. They aim to make an easy-to-use service, without any vendor lock-in and able to grow with your needs.

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