Documentation Update

Today we are releasing an updated, rebranded version of our documentation.

It has been a change long in the making, we have a new documentation portal. New layout, new organization, new content but it's still available at the same place:

The content still lives under and has been reorganized. We are, of course, always welcoming new contributions, whether it is for a single typo, filling an issue or a detailed tutorial. Guidelines are available on the 'Writing new Content' page.

Please give us feedback. We would love to know what page is missing or what you would like to read.

A quick word about how it's made. We are using Hugo to generate the website. The theme used for this website is also available on Github:

One of the reasons for this choice is that we are selling white-label version of Clever Cloud, and our customers want their own documentation. This allows us to keep working on the same content and to offer them a quick and easy way to deploy their own documentation.

I would like to finish this post with a big thank you to Valeriane Venance who started this project with me and made a good chunk of it, to the Clever Cloud team and to all our contributors.


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