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Clever Cloud joins the Eclipse Foundation: a commitment to the future of European open source

Clever Cloud, a French provider of Platform as a Service (PaaS) hosting and deployment solutions, is proud to become a contributing member of the Eclipse Foundation, a leading not-for-profit organisation in the field of open source.
bannier international growth

Clever Cloud announces international growth strategy and the expansion of leadership team

Nantes, France - Clever Cloud, French creator of Platform as a Service (PaaS) hosting and deployment solutions, announced today its intention to expand internationally, with a particular focus on the African and South Asian markets.
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Materia KV: our easy-to-use serverless key-value database is available to all

Materia KV: our easy-to-use serverless key-value database is available to all

Clever Cloud was born out of a desire to make life easier for developers, by providing them automation tools and interfaces, so that they can concentrate on their applications and sites.

Clever Cloud at your service: startups, Kubernetes or VMware, we’re here!

Clever Cloud at your service : our first objective is to constantly offer our customers a better product, matching their expectations.
Apache Pulsar Public Beta release

Apache Pulsar Public Beta Release

It's a big day for queuing and streaming enthusiasts today. Our engineering team is proud…

Auto managed connection pooling for MySQL add-ons

Starting today, we provide ProxySQL, a MySQL proxy, on all of our managed instances…

Documentation Update

Today we are releasing an updated, rebranded version of our documentation.

It has been a…


Elixir and Phoenix are now officially supported

Today we officialize our support for Elixir and Phoenix!

We have been testing this with…


Announcing New PHP Versions

So, we have been a bit late when it came to supporting PHP 5.6. But…


Introducing io.js VS Node.js – Press Start

Change is happening in the Node landscape.
A group of rebels forked the main Node project,…


Docker Support Done Right

We believe in simplicity. We’re on a mission to make the deployment and the application…


GitHub Login is Here!

As you may have noticed, Clever Cloud added GitHub integration for signup and login…

Wilcards on Domain Names

We've just released a new feature in the domain names management! You can define for…

Good news, we’re lowering our prices!

Last february, we've made a massive pricing update. With hindsight, we felt the need the…


Announcing the New Dedicated Databases

Today we are releasing a brand new database service which features better performances, more storage…


Handling a Massive TV Effect on Your Website

French version below

On Saturday 11 January, Denis Payre, the president of 'Nous Citoyens'…


Databases are out of beta !

Lire la version française Since the beginning, anyone can use mutual Clever Cloud databases…

Introducing Databases as a Service on Clever Cloud

French version below

Another kind of 'external' DBs

Until now, databases hosted on Clever Cloud…


Java & Scala support released

French version below A new feature for Scala users + Simple Built Tool…

PostgreSQL release

French version below

We have updated PostgrSQL following…