Good news, we’re lowering our prices!

Last february, we've made a massive pricing update. With hindsight, we felt the need the make a more linear pricing for the scalers, and add an in-between offer for the databases.

So here's what's gonna change this week:

Scalers pricing update

First, the Solo scaler don't change. The S scaler get 2x more RAM, as the M, L and XL will got smoother prices:

  • M scaler for 72€ per month (was 108€)
  • L scaler for 144€ per month (was 180€)
  • XL scaler for 288€ per month (was 324€)

The Scaler update will be applied next week.

SQL Databases pricing update

This is on is really nice: we have now a new offer ( for 15€ MySQL and 10€ for PostgreSQL).
Head up to the dashboard to discover these new prices under the add-on section, they are already live!


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