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A new pricing grid for your invoices in September 2023

Dear customers,

Since we founded Clever Cloud in 2011, we've never changed our prices. For…


Announcing Larger Scalers for Apps

This month you may have noticed something new on the pricing page: two new flavours…

New Flavours Starting at Less Than $5

We are excited to announce two new scalers with smaller prices. The Pico and the…


Why isn’t there a free tier in Clever Cloud

Do you know that hosting is one of the nastiest business out there? Hardware, bandwidth…


Good news, we’re lowering our prices!

Last february, we've made a massive pricing update. With hindsight, we felt the need the…


Python is out of beta

Version française Up to now Python was in free beta. We are glad to…

Databases are out of beta !

Lire la version française Since the beginning, anyone can use mutual Clever Cloud databases…