A new pricing grid for your invoices in September 2023

Dear customers,

Since we founded Clever Cloud in 2011, we’ve never changed our prices. For more than a decade (a record?), we’ve always preferred to optimize our costs and technologies so that you can enjoy both the highest quality services and the most competitive prices possible. We’re very proud to have achieved this, and to be able to count on your loyalty. 

We wanted to maintain this pricing policy for as long as possible, but the general increase in prices from our suppliers – particularly energy suppliers, and more generally the very high inflation due to the international context, is not sparing Clever Cloud and our employees. It was no longer reasonable to maintain this policy of locked-in prices. We have therefore decided to modify our prices to ensure that we can continue to provide the level of service and support you expect, and to develop our infrastructure, features and new products that you will be using over the coming months.

Our new pricing structure also enables us to improve the overall consistency of our prices. 

Some of you will see your bills drop, especially on higher-capacity plans. Conversely, you will find that the biggest increases are concentrated on certain managed services, in particular ElasticSearch instances, for which we are re-establishing consistency with our infrastructure costs and the rest of our catalog. The increase is much more limited for most PostgreSQL, MySQL and MongoDB plans. Overall, we wanted to ensure a certain homogeneity in order to maintain competitive prices.

You’ll note that Cellar (object storage) prices are currently unchanged. In fact, we’re working on a product enhancement that will enable us to improve service quality here too, while offering you more competitive rates, which will involve a reduction in its cost over the coming months. You will then be able to benefit from the economies of scale made possible by our investments in new infrastructures.

Our commitment remains unchanged: to guarantee the utmost transparency on our prices, and to provide you with the best possible predictability and control of your application hosting costs. Using Clever Cloud is FinOps by design. What’s more, by activating auto-scalability on your applications, you can automatically reduce the size and number of your virtual machines when they are less in demand, and thus adjust your invoices as closely as possible to your consumption needs, taking advantage of our per-second pricing model. 

The new price scale will come into force on August 1, 2023, and will therefore apply automatically to invoices issued on or after September 1, 2023, with the exception of Enterprise contracts, which are subject to special conditions. 

If, as we hope, you decide to renew your contract, you don’t need to do anything to accept these new conditions – just continue to use Clever Cloud!

Our sales and technical support teams are at your disposal to help you optimize your choices and answer any questions you may have. Don’t hesitate to contact them.


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