We are excited to announce two new scalers with smaller prices. The Pico and the Nano scalers. That was one of the most requested features this year, and we are glad to announce its general availability today.

Starting at less than $5 per month, these new instances provide our users with new application architecture perspectives, as well as an affordable way to host small projects.

Technical specs

So, two new flavours, with one shared vCPU each:


  • RAM: 256MB
  • CPU: 1 core
  • Price: €4.50 ($4.98) per month


  • RAM: 512MB
  • CPU: 1 core
  • Price: €6.0 ($6.64) per month

How does it work?

Releasing these scalers was quite a tour de force for our engineers. Being able to deploy Node, Docker or Scala applications on such tiny instances is not possible if you don't outsource the very resource-consuming build phase.

So here's how we managed this: the build phase is deported on a specific server in charge of building the application. Then, the artifact is simply copied to the pico or nano instance, and started as usual.

This process allows us to have a cache of the build. This cache is used when your instance needs to restart, scale up or scale down very quickly.

Getting Started

No new knowledge is required to start with these new scalers. All you have to do is to use Clever Cloud as you always did. The new flavours are available in the console for all the languages we support, under the scalability option of your apps.

Happy coding!

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By Clément Nivolle

Chief Marketing Officer and co-founder of Clever Cloud. Clement is also in charge of the global user experience.