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A metric tile to simplify application monitoring

The Clever Cloud Console now includes a metric tile showing vCPU and memory usage of your application for the last 24 hours.

The Clever Cloud Console continues its makeover

We improved the consistency of the Console's elements, with an important concern for both user experience and accessibility.

How and why to install Matomo to replace Google Analytics

It has become illegal to impose Google Analytics (GDPR). To replace Google Analytics, we facilitate the installation of the Matomo tool.

Heptapod: Octobus’ enhanced GitLab, ready to use

Heptapod is a full GitLab offering, with the possibility of using Mercurial as a CVS for those who want it.
Engineering Features

Clever Operator: The best of Kubernetes and Clever Cloud

You use Kubernetes in your usual workflow and you wish to keep it this way all while using Clever Cloud? We designed the Kubernetes Clever Operator for this exact purpose!
clever cloud new invoices

Rethinking invoices to empower your accountant

Earlier this week, we released some changes in how we present our invoices. The result: invoices that help you understand what you pay and what to expect next time.
Jenkins banner

Introducing Jenkins integration for Clever Cloud

Today, we are proud to announce the release of our Jenkins add-on with a custom…

Let’s Encrypt Certificates For Everyone

We have been issuing and automatically installing Let's Encrypt® certificates for a while now. The…


About Let’s Encrypt

We have been working on Let's Encrypt support for quite some time now.

We have…


Mautic on Clever Cloud

Changes about data privacy are rippling out worldwide, because of the new law from Europe:…


Improved filtering in the console

It's already been a couple of weeks since we introduced you to our revamped console.…


Console Update

How long has it been since we have released new features on the console? Some…

SSH Gateway General Availability

Today we announce the general availability of our SSH gateway. It was in Beta for…


New version of our CLI: clever-tools 0.7.0 released

Since its first release, we've been quietly improving our CLI tool, clever-tools. Today, we've…


Introducing Notifications

Historically, deployment result e-mails (deployment succeeded or failed) were always sent to the owners of…

Updating our API doc

Hi there, I am Corentin Cailleaud, a second year student at Nantes. It has been…


Two-Factor Auth is Here

As you know, security is a big deal for us. You might have heard that…


S3 Storage “Clever Cloud Cellar” Emerges from Beta

Storing files and assets on Clever Cloud just got easier. After a year of beta…


Announcing New PHP Versions

So, we have been a bit late when it came to supporting PHP 5.6. But…


Introducing our Public API and Clever CLI

Two things, today: the Clever Cloud public API is here and so is the Clever…