The Clever Cloud Console continues its makeover

We improved the consistency of the Console's elements, with an important concern for both user experience and accessibility.

In 2022, Clever Cloud has more than doubled its team to improve services and develop new ones by strengthening its R&D department. We also wanted to take more time to fine-tune the core of our customers’ daily life: the Console.

This is the web interface they use to manage and deploy their applications and add-ons, access their metrics, logs, etc. It is developed by our front-end team, led by Hubert Sablonnière, who recently welcomed 4 new members.

Since then, they’ve been focused on improving the consistency of the Console’s elements, with an important concern for both user experience and accessibility. Background work has been done as well: general improvement of the code, testing and deployment procedures, redesign of the notification system, icon management, generation of the Clever Components documentation and clarification of some prices.

SSH keys: a more useful and clear interface 

A few weeks ago, we also implemented a new SSH keys management form, using Clever Components for a better accessibility and an adjustment to all screens. It is especially more understandable, with contextual help, explicit error messages, better focus management, etc. 

There are now three sections: one for adding a new key, a second one listing existing keys, which you can delete, and finally the one used to import GitHub keys. For every case, the basic commands are explained:

Streamlined email and member management 

We have done the same with email and member management of an organization. The core elements have also been redesigned to use our components and better adapt to different device formats with improved accessibility. 

But we especially made sure that useful elements are presented in a clear way. For example, the primary and secondary emails of an account are distinguished, with a mention in case of verification and the possibility to change the status at any time:

For the management of an organization, a three-zone structure has been implemented: one for inviting members, another for listing those present and their roles, as well as their management (editing, deleting), and finally a third for leaving an organization, identified as a “danger zone”. 

A thorough work has also been done on the messages and information provided, especially to better identify members who have not activated the double authentication on their account (2FA), with a specific filter available:

These improvements are only the beginning of the Console evolution, which will continue throughout 2023, with a roadmap already well underway and big projects about to be completed. Good news by the way: the new logs interface is being finalized, we’ll tell you about it soon 😉


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