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Bun: how to host your apps on Clever Cloud

Bun on Clever Cloud : discover how to host your apps on Clever Cloud with this tutorial.

A metric tile to simplify application monitoring

The Clever Cloud Console now includes a metric tile showing vCPU and memory usage of your application for the last 24 hours.

The Clever Cloud Console continues its makeover

We improved the consistency of the Console's elements, with an important concern for both user experience and accessibility.

GlitchTip on Clever Cloud, a Sentry alternative

We recently discovered glichtip, which is an open source error tracking tool. Glichtip is a great alternative to Sentry. Learn how to deploy it on Clever Cloud.

Announcing our new Ticket Center

We are delighted to announce the arrival of our new support system: the Ticket Center. Ticket-oriented use instead of a chatbox, a more collaborative tool and ensuring a better follow-up of your requests.

How and why to install Matomo to replace Google Analytics

It has become illegal to impose Google Analytics (GDPR). To replace Google Analytics, we facilitate the installation of the Matomo tool.

How to deploy Keycloak on Clever Cloud

Keycloak is a modern and efficient way to deal with identity and access management. Learn how to deploy it on Clever Cloud.

Heptapod: Octobus’ enhanced GitLab, ready to use

Heptapod is a full GitLab offering, with the possibility of using Mercurial as a CVS for those who want it.
Engineering Features

TCP redirections are now available!

We were regularly asked to simplify the access to this feature by adding it to our web interface: the Console. It's done.A "TCP Redirections" section is now available in the menu of your applications.
Environment variable

Improving our environment variables editor

The environment variables editor was proposed with a Simple or Expert mode. We have added a third, using JSON format. You can read/write in it.
Engineering Features

Clever Operator: The best of Kubernetes and Clever Cloud

You use Kubernetes in your usual workflow and you wish to keep it this way all while using Clever Cloud? We designed the Kubernetes Clever Operator for this exact purpose!
clever cloud new invoices

Rethinking invoices to empower your accountant

Earlier this week, we released some changes in how we present our invoices. The result: invoices that help you understand what you pay and what to expect next time.
Announcing Jeddah

Announcing the New Middle East Zone in Jeddah

Today we are officially announcing the opening of a new Clever Cloud zone located in Jeddah, our first in the Middle East region. This comes in addition to our existing Paris, Roubaix, Warsaw, New York City, Montreal, Singapore and Sydney zones.

Slack alerts for Grafana

In one of our previous posts, we announced the release of a dedicated Clever…

Grafana banner

A Grafana to plot applications metrics

At Clever Cloud, we think it’s important to offer access to our metrics for…

TARDIS banner

Announcing Time Series on Clever Cloud, with TARDIS

At Clever Cloud we aim to provide the best services for all kinds of data.…

Jenkins banner

Introducing Jenkins integration for Clever Cloud

Today, we are proud to announce the release of our Jenkins add-on with a custom…

Platform Updates #65

The Platform Updates is a series of posts about every impactful change on Clever Cloud.…
illustration PGPool II

Pgpool-II: getting the most of PostgreSQL

Are you having too many simultaneous connections on your PostgreSQL database? Do you dream of…

Platform Updates #64

The Platform Updates is a series of posts about every impactful changes on Clever Cloud.…