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Clever Cloud’s mission has always been to provide its customers a quick and easy way to deploy applications, based on the more standards tools.

Your partner for efficient hosting

They can also benefit of our horizontal and vertical scaling capabilities to ensure that resources are allocated as closely as possible to their load, automatically if needed, billed per second.

All of this can be done from our own dense infrastructure in Paris or from our partners’ datacenters such as OVHcloud and Scaleway. Thus, you can ensure that you reduce your need for IT ressources, by design. But some are looking for even more efficient solutions for their websites. In recent years, a trend has emerged to satisfy such demand: Static Site Generators (SSG).

Of course, you can deploy them on Clever Cloud!

Deploy any static website on Clever Cloud

They require very few ressources as they don’t rely on complexe software stack: no database nor server side calculations once deployed. In most cases, it’s pure HTML, CSS an client-side JavaScript, generated from Markdown content, with a theme/template applied.

There are lots of open source SSG on the market you can use for blogs, documentation or marketing websites for example. We can build them for you and then only deploy and serve the generated files on the Internet. No GitHub Actions or others external CI/CD is needed.

To help you in this journey, we’ve published tutorials with examples on how to deploy static website through Astro, Docusaurus, Eleventy (11ty), Hexo, Hugo, Lume (Deno), MkDocs, mdBook or Nuxt.

But others are also compatible! You want more guides or help on other SSG ? Just fill an issue: our documentation is open source, static, based on Hugo with Hextra theme. You can even contribute 😉


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