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#71 – Le jaune sombre des bases de données froides

Host by Hubert Sablonnière

illustration PGPool II

Pgpool-II: getting the most of PostgreSQL

Are you having too many simultaneous connections on your PostgreSQL database? Do you dream of…

New MongoDB Plans

Following the high demand for large-sized instances, we have created many new plans. Check these…


Good news, we’re lowering our prices!

Last february, we've made a massive pricing update. With hindsight, we felt the need the…


Announcing the New Dedicated Databases

Today we are releasing a brand new database service which features better performances, more storage…


Handling a Massive TV Effect on Your Website

French version below

On Saturday 11 January, Denis Payre, the president of 'Nous Citoyens'…


MongoDB on Clever Cloud

Version française en-dessous After three months of development…

Databases are out of beta !

Lire la version française Since the beginning, anyone can use mutual Clever Cloud databases…

Introducing Databases as a Service on Clever Cloud

French version below

Another kind of 'external' DBs

Until now, databases hosted on Clever Cloud…