Announcing the New Dedicated Databases

Today we are releasing a brand new database service which features better performances, more storage and new plans. This new DB are now the default for all apps.

The databases provided until now were hosted on a cluster, in a shared way. But the growth of our customers lead us to make bigger and faster databases. So we've planned a few months ago a complete rework of how databases were implemented. As we are focusing on performances, we built this brand offer with the most reliable storage technology and high-end hardware.

Basically, free shared plans will still be available with a limited size: 10 MB for MySQL and 256 MB for PostgreSQL.

Here is the new pricing grid:


Name Cache (Memory) Disk Conn. limit Price /mo
S SHARED 256 MB 2 Free
M 1 GB 100 GB 75 30 €
L 8 GB 450 GB 500 240 €
XL 32 GB 600 GB 750 700 €
XXL 64 GB 900 GB 1000 1200 €


Name Cache (Memory) Disk Conn. limit Price /mo
S SHARED 10 MB 5 Free
M 1 GB 10 GB 75 45 €
L 2 GB 200 GB 500 300 €
XL 8 GB 500 GB 750 1600 €
XXL 16 GB 900 GB 1000 2200 €

Migrating from the older DB

The migration process is pretty straightforward: a simple export from our old DB to the new one is needed.


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