Clever Cloud opens a new Gravelines HDS region

hds gravelines bannier
Clever Cloud opens a new Gravelines Health data Hosting region to have redundancy on those sensitive datas.

As you know, you can deploy your applications and add-ons via Clever Cloud, on Health Data Hosting (HDS) certified servers, on tiers 1 and 2 of the standard, provided by OVHcloud in Roubaix. We also provide an object storage service (Cellar) from a cluster of such servers in Roubaix and Gravelines (separated by ~100 km), available as a fr-north-hdsregion.

However, we had a growing demand for an HDS zone in Gravelines. independently for applications and add-ons. So our teams worked to enable you to deploy on HDS-certified servers in this zone, from clever-tools or the Console as grahds.

Perfect for providing redundancy for your healthcare data applications!

We’d like to take this opportunity to remind you that Clever Cloud’s services and infrastructure were awarded ISO 9001 certification last year. We are also awaiting final approval for ISO 27001. Finally, HDS certification and SecNumCloud qualification will be our next projects.


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