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bannier which illustrate how to deploy AI on Clever Cloud

Deploy llama, mistral, openchat or your own model on Clever Cloud

If AI has been in the news recently, it's mainly through large language models (LLMs), which require substantial computing power for training or inference. Thus, it's common to see developers using them via turnkey APIs, as we did in a previous article. But this is changing thanks to more open and efficient models and tools, which you can easily deploy on Clever Cloud.
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What’s Clever in our cloud ?

Clever Cloud was born out of a conviction: we needed to reinvent hosting practices, adding true isolation and ease.


#72 – La bienveillance des nombres typés est impossible

Host by Hubert Sablonnière


How to deploy Keycloak on Clever Cloud

Keycloak is a modern and efficient way to deal with identity and access management. Learn how to deploy it on Clever Cloud.
sdk Rust

Introducing the Clever Cloud Rust SDK

Our engineering team is proud to announce a brand new Rust software development kit (sdk), also known as "clevercloud-sdk" on

Welcome David Legrand!

We are delighted to announce the appointment of David Legrand as Chief of Hardware Evaluation. David's arrival accompanies an important phase in our company's structuring.
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handling traffic surge, lessons from Aragorn

Managing site traffic for a TV show, but in 24 hours

You're having a traffic spike on your website? Learn how to migrate to Clever Cloud within 24 hours.
COO-CTO appointing

Clever Cloud appoints Steven Le Roux as CTO and Cédric Biron as COO to continue its structuring

Clever Cloud annonce l’arrivée de Steven Le Roux au poste de directeur technique (CTO), et nomme Cédric Biron en qualité de directeur des opérations (COO).

Security update about Log4Shell

What is Log4Shell?

You probably heard about Log4Shell (or CVE-2021-44228), the vulnerability which impacted log4j,…

Jenkins banner

Introducing Jenkins integration for Clever Cloud

Today, we are proud to announce the release of our Jenkins add-on with a custom…

How to deploy Apache Superset on Clever Cloud

At Clever Cloud we manage most of our own data and when we want to…

How to Fork Things the Right Way

Some open source git repos host really useful code but are sometimes not maintained.



In Defense of Optimization Work

It is common knowledge that hardware is cheap, and programmers are expensive, and that…


The specifics of PaaS deployment for JHipster

We see a lot of people trying to deploy JHipster applications on Clever Cloud. It…


Spectre and Meltdown

Yesterday two issues affecting CPUs have been released to the public.

TL;DR: the attacks are…


Hot reloading configuration: why and how?

At Clever Cloud, we are working on Sōzu, an HTTP reverse proxy that can…


Async, Futures, AMQP, pick three

A few weeks ago, we set out to develop an AMQP client library in…


Falling for Rust

If you ever talked to me, or looked at my Twitter feed, you may have…


Let your logs help you

We use logs for everything, to track errors, measure performance, keep a journal of how…


Security is a process, not a reaction

Wake up. Check the news. There is a new OpenSSL vulnerability, the world is on…