Migration Required for Buckets on Cellar C1 Cluster

Cellar C1 Migration process

tl;dr: On March 21th 2022 the Cellar C1 cluster will reach its end of life. So we ask you to perform a migration to a newer cluster Cellar, which will also improve performance. The C1 cluster did not accept new add-ons since the 20th January 2019.

In fact, data need to be migrated from this old add-on to a new Cellar add-on. Newly created Cellar C2 add-ons come with various improvements :

  • A better S3 protocol support (including the AWS V4 signature)
  • Improved upload and download performances (x3 for upload, x2 for download)
  • Improved resilience and availability of your data (Data is now replicated across two datacenters more than 20km apart)

How to migrate my data?

We can help you to migrate your data by syncing it directly on our side. To do that, reach the support and include in your message source and destination add-ons, including the buckets to migrate. The support team is here to help.

If you wish to migrate on your side, or at least keep your buckets synchronized, we built a simple tool to help you: Cellar migration tool.
You can run this tool as many times as you need. It will only synchronize objects that are different between the source and the destination buckets.
If you do not feel comfortable using it, you can also use the s3cmd sync command from the s3cmd tool.

If your application handle it, we encourage you to upload new objects as soon as possible to the new bucket. Then when you need to query that object, your application can query both buckets (old and new) to get it. You can also store the complete URL to make this easier. This should help you transition from one bucket to another without downtime.

Please note that we can’t make sure that the buckets names you use will be available on the destination cluster. If you have a name conflict, please contact us and we will work something out.

A few days before the deadline, we will have short service brown-outs to remind customers that the service is going to be shut down. Those brown-outs will be announced on our status page a few days before. Make sure to subscribe to Status Updates to receive a notification.

What will happen if I can’t do the migration?

If you can’t do the migration or have any questions about it, we strongly recommend that you contact our support team via the console.
Before shutting down the cluster, we will backup your data and keep it for 6 months. Our support team will be able to provide you a download link or re-inject the data in a new bucket if you wish to recover it.


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