Introducing Redsmin on Clever Cloud

By Clément Nivolle

Earlier this year we’ve promised some great news. Here we are: we’re proud to announce our first external add-on : Redsmin!

What are add-ons? Add-ons help you build and enhance your applications, with things such as databases, monitoring, storage, email, etc. If you are a clever cloud customer, you’re probably using one of the add-ons we provide. Postgres, Mysql, MongoDB.

Clever Cloud considers these add-ons as application resources: when you provision an add-on, you are billed according to the plan you’ve chosen.

Today, we’re excited to introduce Redsmin as the first external add-on on Clever Cloud. Why Redsmin?

Redsmin will help you being more efficient with every aspect of Redis, the famous highly performant, in memory, data-structure server. With Redsmin you will be able to administrate and to monitor in real-time any of your Redis servers both hosted on the cloud or in your local network in an easy way. Nightmares debugging Redis servers in production are over, Redsmin will now have your back!

Drop the old 90’ redis-cli, welcome to the modern world with Redsmin.

This new addon is the first in a long list of planned releases. We’re making our best to provide more choice every month.

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