We're super excited to roll-out the new Redis by Clever Cloud add-on for all of our users. Redis is a blazing-fast key-value store, perfect for low-latency storage. We're glad to provide it in our own way today, with a little surprise. :)

Introducing Redis by Clever Cloud + Redsmin

We wanted to build the best Redis Database as a Service for our users, along with our other add-ons MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB.

But we also wanted to take our Redis add-on further by providing state-of-the-art tooling with it. To that extent, each new Redis add-on comes with Redsmin, the best Redis administration and monitoring system. We had the pleasure to introduce Redsmin as a new add-on a few months ago; now it's simpler than ever.

To use Redsmin with your Redis by Clever Cloud, just head to your configuration panel. Redsmin is already there, along with the backups.


You will find the Redis add-on in the console, with a free plan if you want to use it right away. For bigger needs, we provide plans for up to 2.5 GB Redis instances.

Use cases

Redis gained a high popularity these last years. The community did a really good job, allowing Redis to be easy to setup and to integrate in many languages. This popularity and this technical success led Redis to be used as a multi-purpose database:

  • Session storage: You can use Redis to track easily your users data on your app. Store the sessions in an easy way to keep users' data available for your stateless apps.
  • Queuing jobs : Redis comes with interesting primitives like BLPOP, a blocking list pop primitive. This feature allows workers to wait for jobs to get pushed onto the queue.
  • Caching: Redis is well known for its caching capabilities. If you have assets or data that are frequently used, Redis may be a good way to serve them in an efficient way.

We hope you'll find in our Redis offer with Redsmin a great way to build awesome apps.

Happy coding!

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By Clément Nivolle

Chief Marketing Officer and co-founder of Clever Cloud. Clement is also in charge of the global user experience.