The Weekly Platform Update is a series of posts about every impactful changes on Clever Cloud. You'll find the updated parts of Clever Cloud below, to follow fixes, updates, new products and more on a weekly basis.


  • PHP:
    • Add sysctl configuration for perfs /etc/sysctl.d/11-network.conf
    • Deployer: Users can now override PHP-FPM settings (start_servers, min_spare_servers, max_spare_servers, max_requests)
  • Java:
    • Add PAYARA application server
  • Python:
    • Memcached is now installed
    • Pandoc updated


  • Redis: updated to 3.2.7 and linux 4.9.8
  • MySQL: updated to percona server 5.7.16
  • Cellar: uploads on Cellar are now faster, improving overall deployment speed

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By Clément Nivolle

Chief Marketing Officer and co-founder of Clever Cloud. Clement is also in charge of the global user experience.