For a long time the only way to configure an FS Bucket for your application was to create a buckets.json file in ./clevercloud/ and specify the configuration in there. Not very Immutable Infrastucture friendly. It ends today.

Because you had to write a file in your code for a specific application, it made your code repository tied to a particular application. Sure there was a workaround with the apps field that allowed us to whitelist applications for each buckets. But it is still more painful than it should be.

Well starting today you can configure FS Buckets using environment variable. Here's what you need to add:

So if you have the following file:
      "bucket_host": "",
      "folder": "/sites/default/files"
You can delete it and replace it with the environment variable CC_FS_BUCKET=/sites/default/ If you have multiple buckets you can use multiple variables like so:

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