Clever Cloud OpenSearch Support

We are super happy to tell you we now support OpenSearch in the web console of Clever Cloud.

What is OpenSearch and why should you care?

Let's start with the basics: what is that OpenSearch thing?

OpenSearch is a collection of simple formats for the sharing of search results.

This is useful to automate search bar integration in your browser. Instead of searching with your default search engine or Wikipedia, you can search with Clever Cloud's search. But before going further, did you know we had magic search available? You can trigger it by typing '/' while in the console. Anything you type in there will search through Applications and Addons in all your Organisations. And if you did not know that the console had keyboard shorcuts, I invite you to type '?'.

OpenSearch on Firefox

About the OpenSearch integration itself, here is an example to set it up using Firefox.

Now when I type 'cc test' in my main URL bar, it takes me straight to the console with a pre-filled search form. How cool is that? This works with all OpenSearch clients, you can get a list on their website.

OpenSearch on Chrome

Tu use OpenSearch on Chrome, if you already have visited the console with Chrome, the OpenSearch manifest has already been imported. If you start typing Clever Cloud then press tab, you should automatically change to Search Clever Cloud mode. You can also right click on the search bar to modify your preferences and define a custom prefix like I did on Firefox:

Don't hesitate to look into Chrome's preferences to see all the search engines available. I am sure you will find some of them useful. I personally realized that I could use it for our GitLab and Jenkins instances. (And IMDB 😍)


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