Weekly Platform Update #33

The Weekly Platform Update is a series of posts about every impactful changes on Clever Cloud. You’ll find the updated parts of Clever Cloud below, to follow fixes, updates, new products and more on a weekly basis.


  • console: a new log viewer
  • console: clever cloud metrics & improvments

WPU #33 – 2018-01-12


  • documentation: A PHP Symfony article has been added: https://www.clever-cloud.com/doc/php/tutorial-symfony
  • java: The JVM agent gathering GC-related metrics for java applications can be disabled (as it can interfere with spring boot applications) with CC_DISABLE_JVM_AGENT set to true in the application’s environement variable.
  • java: new support of Play v1.5


  • all runtimes: various linux updates to adress Meltdown and Spectre (linux 4.14.11)
  • rust: rustup update
    • stable 1.23.0
    • beta 1.24.0-beta.1
    • nightly 1.24.0-nightly


  • php: hiding varnish compiled data in logs


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