The Weekly Platform Update is a series of posts about every impactful changes on Clever Cloud. You'll find the updated parts of Clever Cloud below, to follow fixes, updates, new products and more on a weekly basis.


  • console: a new log viewer

WPU #33 - 2018-01-12



  • java: fix compatibility issue for Spring Boot JVM with Metrics
  • clever-tools: updated to 0.10.1
    • Add clever env to display app dependencies environment variables (fixes #165)
    • Add clever profile to display infos about current logged in user (name, email 2FA) (fixes #161)
    • Add -i option to clever ssh to provide identify file (fixes #164)
    • Show commit about to be redeployed (fixes #145)
    • Ignore parent ".clever.json" with clever create (fixes #179)
    • Normalize (slugify) alias and git remote names (fixes #166)
    • Fix logger and console (fixes #134)
    • Update to latest nodegit (and fix node version to 8.3.0)
    • Fix libss/openssl install docs (Adrien Duclos)
    • Add MacOS installation docs (Antonio Goncalves)
  • php: fixed PHP application bucket mounting

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By Clément Nivolle

Chief Marketing Officer and co-founder of Clever Cloud. Clement is also in charge of the global user experience.