Platform Updates #58

The Platform Updates is a series of posts about every impactful changes on Clever Cloud. You’ll find the updated parts of Clever Cloud below, to follow fixes, updates, new products and more on a weekly basis.


  • New geographic regions are about to be available.
  • Private network groups.
  • Option for data disk at-rest encryption at add-on creation.

Platform Updates #58 – 2020-11-04

Platform changes

All instances

  • linux 5.9.3
  • nodejs v14 is now the default version, since it’s LTS. If your stack uses node for build operations, make sure it’s compatible with node 14.


  • node 10.23.0
  • node 14.15.0
  • node 15.0.1


  • documentation: Added how to use private SSH keys with env variable (useful for private repositories)


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