New Clever Cloud Zones in APAC and EMEA

Today we are adding new Clever Cloud zones. You will now be able to deploy applications and managed databases in Sydney, Singapore, Warsaw and Roubaix. And all these new zones are deployed on top of OVHcloud. This comes in additon to our existing Paris and Montreal zones.

This was the mantra of the latest OVHcloud summit, it’s all about the ecosystem, a vibrant, diverse, innovating ecosystem. We fully agree and as such we are really happy to provide to all our customers a complete PaaS offering on infrastructure provided by OVHcloud.

We realize that big companies sometimes make ‘group’ decision when it comes to choosing a cloud provider. And we are happy to answer those many who chose OVHcloud.

While we think you should not put all your eggs in the same basket, it can also become quite expensive to manage different cloud providers. This is the perfect time to remind you that Clever Cloud is Multi-Cloud ready. We can run it on any bare metal infrastructure. It provides the same experience everywhere as there is only one version of our cloud.


In the console

When creating an application, in the Zone dropbox you should be able to select them:

index of meetups in Kibana

In the information tab, you can change an existing zone to another and this will trigger a redeployment in the new zone:

index of meetups in Kibana

With Clever-Tools

If you are using clever-tools, or the API, the region flag is as follows:

  • Paris, France -> par
  • Montréal, Canada -> mtl
  • Singapore, Singapore -> sgp
  • Roubaix, France -> rbx
  • Warsaw, Poland -> wsw
  • Sydney, Australia -> syd

So to create an application in the Sydney zone you have to run clever create --type node --region syd myApp.

Please let us know what you think about this, and where/with whom you would like our new Clever Cloud zones to show up.


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