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Redis se ferme et fork tandis que l’IA sans gêne, se gave de 22 Biscuit Java

Host by Horacio Gonzalez


Malgré les radars, la tondeuse autonome communique avec la chaudière grâce au GPS Open Source

Host by Steven Leroux


L’IA marocaine plie le game des API comme un Apache certifié

Host by Quentin Adam

bannier Sozu

Open sourcing Sōzu connectors

Clever Cloud is today the main developer of Sōzu, a Reverse Proxy that was developped at Clever Cloud, in Rust, to meet the needs of our infrastructure for performance and hot reloading.


87 – Le smartphone Open Source perd ses datas Linux dans une Java virtuelle

Host by Quentin Adam


86 – Les IA hallucinées se ferment à la source

Host by Julien Durillon

Knowing your system – Part 7 – Contributing to Exherboe

The exherbo contribution mechanism

Basically everything regarding exherbo is discussed and managed via the…


Knowing your system – Part 6 – Source-based distributions: Discovering Exherbo

The limits of Gentoo As I said in part 3 of the "knowing your system"…

Knowing your system – Part 5 – Source-based distributions: the binary way

We last saw the paludis tool. Now, we'll take a look at how…


Knowing your system – Part 4 – Falling in love with paludis

Installing a source-based GNU/Linux distribution As we last saw, I'm really fond of source-based distributions.…

Knowing your system – Part 3 – Source-based distributions: The Gentoo example

After a little reminder on UNIX-like systems and a quick view to the init process,…