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Deploy a Scala / Akka application with PostgreSQL integration

Learn how to create and deploy on Clever Cloud a simple Scala/Akka HTTP template application with PostgreSQL persistence.


#48 – Néo Arrête Freenode Pour Se Mettre Aux NFT

Host by Clément Nivolle

Tools, not rules: why I’ve built issues-helper

A few weeks ago I've open sourced issues-helper. It allows you to easily interact…


Manage your Conference CFP

At Clever Cloud we often go to conferences, we answer many CFPs and some of…


Lambdacon 2015

Here at Clever Cloud, we're enthusiastic users of functional programming. It helps us a lot…


How I learned Scala in one month

Hi, I’m Leonard. I have been an intern developer at Clever Cloud for one month…


Java & Scala support released

French version below A new feature for Scala users + Simple Built Tool…

Kickstart your scala API client by turning JSON into case classes.

Why code generation?

When interacting with 3rd party json-based APIs from scala, modelling the API's…


Run your PlayFramework apps on the Clever Cloud!

The Java language was orignally used in complex and costly "enterprise projects". It was considered…