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The Java language was orignally used in complex and costly "enterprise projects". It was considered hard and tortuous to build simple server-side applications with all of heavy frameworks and tools like Java EE, servlets, application servers and massive IDEs. But in 2007, a nice project came along: Play!Framework. Easy to build, productivity-oriented and stateless, Play! is one of the most accessible Java framework.
Thus, the success of this new framework emerged, with a growing up community, Play! 2 with Scala, etc.

That's why we're thrilled to announce that you can now deploy your existing Play! apps on Clever Cloud, with these features included:

  • Auto scalability
  • Pay as You Go
  • Zero sysadmin and server management
  • All Play! versions are supported
  • Java and Scala ready.

You can check out our dedicated Play! landing page for more infos.

Please be sure to read carefully our documentation for an effective deployment experience after signing up. :-)

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By Clément Nivolle

Chief Marketing Officer and co-founder of Clever Cloud. Clement is also in charge of the global user experience.