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Redis se ferme et fork tandis que l’IA sans gêne, se gave de 22 Biscuit Java

Host by Horacio Gonzalez


Des machines virtuelles photoshopent leurs émojis en ligne pour passer sur Twitch

Host by Quentin Adam

back to work banner

Back-to-work events for Clever Cloud

After a well-deserved summer break, Clever Cloud is taking part in a number of trade…



88 – L’Europe légifère avec des chips pour fiabiliser les métriques de son Skyblog

Host by Quentin Adam


#74 Le destructuring assignment des lava lamps génère des bases de données serverless

Host by Julien Durillon


#65 – PG compresse la react-tion du framaverse

Host by Hubert Sablonnière


Security update about Log4Shell

What is Log4Shell?

You probably heard about Log4Shell (or CVE-2021-44228), the vulnerability which impacted log4j,…


How to deploy Metabase to make sense of your data

At Clever Cloud we manage most of our own data and when we want to…


New JHipster Clever Cloud Generator

There has been some demand for a JHipster Clever Cloud generator. We started working…


One Framework a Day keeps the Boredom Away: JHipster

Welcome to this new edition of One Framework a Day keeps the Boredom Away.…


null is not the issue

Nowadays, we know that null is to be avoided. It's been dubbed the billion dollar…


Building an extensible HTTP client for GitHub in Java

At Clever Cloud, we use a lot of Java. A large part of our API…


Java & Scala support released

French version below A new feature for Scala users + Simple Built Tool…

Run your PlayFramework apps on the Clever Cloud!

The Java language was orignally used in complex and costly "enterprise projects". It was considered…