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Clever Cloud announces the appointment of Jean-Baptiste Piacentino as Cloud Diplomat

Nantes, September 18, 2023 - Clever Cloud, a French creator of solutions for deploying and…


How does Matomo work on Clever Cloud ?

In a previous post, we explained why you should switch from Google Analytics to Matomo for your audience measurement.

A metric tile to simplify application monitoring

The Clever Cloud Console now includes a metric tile showing vCPU and memory usage of your application for the last 24 hours.

The Clever Cloud Console continues its makeover

We improved the consistency of the Console's elements, with an important concern for both user experience and accessibility.

What’s Clever in our cloud ?

Clever Cloud was born out of a conviction: we needed to reinvent hosting practices, adding true isolation and ease.

One Framework a Day keeps the Boredom Away: Sinatra

Welcome to this new edition of One Framework a Day keeps the Boredom Away.…


Rust packaging on Exherbo

At Clever Cloud, we love giving new technologies a try. Since its inception, rust


How Facebook Infer Can Make your Software Safer

At Clever Cloud, we like giving a try to new technologies when they're released, especially…


How We Cut Latency Down by 30k% on Our Git Server

At Clever Cloud, git is core in the deployment process. With the years, our needs…


Building an extensible HTTP client for GitHub in Java

At Clever Cloud, we use a lot of Java. A large part of our API…


Github breaking changes that require your interaction

A couple of days ago, Github made breaking changes regarding the way other companies can…


GitHub Login is Here!

As you may have noticed, Clever Cloud added GitHub integration for signup and login…


Is Clever Cloud Vulnerable to Shellshock?

Did you like [Heartbleed?]({{ site.basepath }}/features/2014/04/08/openssl-101g-update.html) Meet Shellshock — aka CVE-2014-6271 — a new bug…


Wilcards on Domain Names

We've just released a new feature in the domain names management!

You can define for…


Knowing your system – Part 8 – On the road to upstream

How did I start contributing?

When I started to really dig into my system to…


Knowing your system – Part 7 – Contributing to Exherbo

The exherbo contribution mechanism

Basically everything regarding exherbo is discussed and managed via the…


Knowing your system – Part 6 – Source-based distributions: Discovering Exherbo

The limits of Gentoo

As I said in part 3 of the "knowing your…


Knowing your system – Part 5 – Source-based distributions: the binary way

We last saw the paludis tool. Now, we'll take a look at how…


Knowing your system – Part 4 – Falling in love with paludis

Installing a source-based GNU/Linux distribution

As we last saw, I'm really fond of source-based…


Knowing your system – Part 3 – Source-based distributions: The Gentoo example

After a little reminder on UNIX-like systems and a quick view to the…


Facron 0.9 released

Usually, every Thursday I publish another post in my "Knowing your system" saga, but this…


Facron – fanotify cron system

The filesystem cron principle

At Clever Cloud, we often have to manage stuff based…


Knowing your system – Part 2 – The init process

As we last saw, when we start an UNIX-like system, the kernel gives the…


Knowing your system – Part 1 – Basis on UNIX-like systems

This is the beginning of a batch of blog posts which will help you understanding…