Link your Gandi domain to your Clever Cloud app

In today's article I show you how to simply link the domain name you bought on Gandi to your Clever Cloud application.

This means you already have your domain(s) on Gandi and your application running on Clever Cloud.

In this example I show a simple setup for the www. prefix. It works in all basic use cases. It works the same for other prefixes you would like to use as api. or so, just don't redirect naked domain (Gandi setup Part2) to api. unless you have reasons to do so.

Clever Cloud setup:

From your Clever Cloud console select in the left menu panel the right organization and application.

Under the Domain names panel of your application, in the Custom domain names section, add all the domain names you bought for your app prefixed with www. (Fig 1) .

domain name configuration example on clever cloud
Fig 1

You can link one or many domain names by simply adding each here.

That's it with the Clever Cloud configuration, just notice under the Configure your DNS section where you should make your CNAME records: for an app hosted in Paris or for Montreal.

Gandi setup:

Connect to your gandi account.

From the left bar menu select DOMAIN.

On the domain name list, the domain names are displayed without being prefixed by www.. Select the first domain name you added to Clever Cloud.

domain name configuration example on clever cloud
Fig 2

Part 1

On the top menu (Fig 2) select DNS Records and click on the Add button on the top right.

You will be asked to select a type, pick CNAME

New form fields will appear.

Select the TTL you want. Add www to Name field. Fill Hostname field with or depending on where your application is.

Validate by clicking the Create button.

Part 2

On the top menu (Fig 2) select Web forwarding and click on the Create button on the top right.

Under the Address section of this form, leave the text field blank. If you have ssl certificates select http, https or both in the left drop down menu.

Under Address to forward to select http or https and add your domain name prefixed with www. e.g.

Leave Permanent selected under Type of web forwarding unless you have a good reason to do otherwise.

Click on Create to finish the setup.

Your new DNS configuration will be propagated between a few hours to maximum 72 hours.


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